Web design for Companies and Organizations

The construction of a successful website starts with a market analysis as well as researching the functions needed for service partners and the attraction of customers.

Our Web Designers use the Following Criteria when starting our Process:

  • Market analysis of customer groups.
  • The visitor capacity needed for the site.
  • Whether your site should be commercial or non-commercial.
  • Risk management and terms of payment.
  • Administrative tools and transaction handling.
  • External expedition.
  • Maintenance of the site.

A successful Website is known by its clear and precise customer interactions.

Terms & Conditions described on the site must be on a reading level that meets all of your customers.
Your products and services must meet the descriptions given, and your customers should be able to feel secure in receiving counseling via email or by downloading your online manuals and guides.

>GTA Networks internal quality assurance check<

In addition, to assure you that your website has an optimal performance, will GTA Networks perform our very own internal quality assurance check.
It includes but is not limited to: Testing the speed of your site making sure that images, product documentation and videos achieve the highest quality they can, without affecting the speed of the site; so your website is both readable and easy to navigate for a potential customer.

Our prices and what work Will be carried out are described in the following three website packages.

 BASIC WebsiteStandard WebsiteProfessionelt Website
Prices without VAT1875.00,- EUR.2280.00,- EUR.After agreement.
Creation of Domain
Webhotel 1 Year
CMS Installation
Design Template
Customization of Design Template
Menu setupMax 5.
Contact Form
Support 1 Year
Webstige™ 1 Year
✔: Included in Reg. Price.
We have our own professional photographer.

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