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Order an Reliable Webshop and Make Your Products More Visible on the Internet.

We deliver your new webshop with fast functionality and an interface that is easy to navigate. Goods and services are created and updated with minimal effort. Our 3 management systems are based on a Content Management System (CMS). We offer the following services:
1) – Professional update service via Webstige™
2) – A high quality post production process of your images performed by a professionel photographer.
3) – Current statistics of webshop visitor and purchase activities.
4) – ongoing optimization of the webshops visibility with SEO Avancé™ functionalities.

Payment Systems

We offer establishment of payment card agreement and account creation with international partners.

Visibility on the Internet

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the term used to describe a website that is optimized to achieve the best outcomes, when a customer searches the web. (Check Out SEO Articles ™.)
Our webshops GTA is search optimized for Google search engines to make sure the most relevant focus keyword for your shop. We do this by using Google Analytics and other analytics tools to achieve the best results, see SEO Avancé.

Your webshop is made to be responsive for mobile units, touchpads, tablets and smartsphones

We ensure that your webshop works on smartphones, tablets and touchpads so that your products always are presented well on the web, no matter what platform your customers uses.

We Offer the Following CMS Platform for Your Webshop

WordPress Webshop

Basic webshop for a small inventory.

  • Re-delegation of domain
  • CMS installation
  • Choose which design template
  • Tweaks of the design template
  • Menu configurations
  • Contact form
  • 12 months support
  • E-mail setup

Minimum Price 3900.00,- EUR + VAT

Besides the basic functions, can we also offer these additional quality features and service packs: