Webstige™: Maintenance of Your Website

Webstige™ is a time-saver that leaves you with an updated site!

We offer you a Webstige ™ agreement so you can concentrate on other tasks that are important for the development of your online business while we take care of the maintenance of your site. For larger websites the agreement may include sectioned contracts.

Extent of the work:

  • Insertion of new texts.
  • Insertion of new images
  • Insertion of new products on your webshop
  • Insertion of new product categories
  • Price adjustments
  • Adjustment of sales and delivering terms.

Terms and pricing for Webstige™

The service covers one domain with a webshop and is paid per month.
Service may be terminated by the provider or the buyer with one month’s notice.
Web hosting to be hosting in our center for operations and full access for optimization. See WebhotelPro.
Correcting max. 5 photo, or 5 items with text each month. Unused rights cannot be transferred to the following month.

Webstige™ Standard 14.99 EUR each month + VAT.
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Alternative Webstige™ packages:

Webstige™ Premium 39.99 each month + VAT

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Webstige™ Professional 69,99 each month + VAT

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Webstige Maintenance abonnement